Last updateMon, 26 Jan 2015 4pm

School cancellation was due to weather, possible threat

The Bourbon School District has issued an apology to parents for the inconvenience the late school cancellation this morning may have caused. The decision not to have school was based not only on the weather, but a possible threat to students.

Superintendent Patricia Thompson was notified at approximately 7 a.m. by Police Chief Mike Pennock and Sheriff Randy Martin of the following information contained in Sheriff Martin's press release (below). At the same time, bus drivers began reporting freezing rain and sleet, especially south of Bourbon, that was beginning to create unsafe road conditions.
The combination of this information resulted in the decision to cancel school for the day. The district moved as quickly as possible to notify news stations and to send out a School Reach call. Although this notification came later than is desirable, the decision was based on the safety of students and staff.

    At approximately 2 a.m. Thursday, Crawford County deputies responded to an address on Argo Road, northwest of Bourbon in reference to the theft of a vehicle and two weapons. The reporting party indicated that his half-brother came to his house, stole two shot guns along with ammo for both from the house and then stole his 1997 Chevrolet pickup truck and left the area.
     Sometime after the deputy left the residence from taking the initial report, the victim’s son told him that the step-brother made comments on Sunday that he was going to go to school and start shooting kids because they didn’t deserve to live in this world any longer. The father (victim of the theft) left home to report for work. After getting to his place of employment he decided that he better report that information to authorities and dialed 911.
     After receiving that information, Central Dispatch starting making contact with command staff and informing them of the threats. The information of the possible threat to a school was relayed to local and surrounding agencies because a specific school had not been named in these threats.
      As this information was coming in and the fact that the initial incident occurred just outside Bourbon, Superintendent, Pat Thompson and Bourbon Police Chief Mike Pennock were notified and given the information. There was about a five-minute window to decide whether to hold class and place the school on lock down or suspend class for the day. Based on the inclement weather and the threats made toward a school, it was decided to suspend classes for the day and keep children out of a possible dangerous environment.
     Deputies with The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department located the stolen truck in a ditch in the Sullivan area and after a short search of the immediate area located the man asleep in an outbuilding. He was taken into custody by Franklin County Deputies on an unrelated warrant and transported to their facility. The Crawford County Sheriff’s Department has placed a hold request on the man pending charges. The name of the arrested man can be released after charges are filed.