Last updateFri, 23 Jan 2015 11am

Property tax forms due at end of month

    Personal property tax forms are due to the Crawford County Assessor by March 1. As of Tuesday, 5,790 of the 10,209 forms mailed on January 3 have not been returned. Assessor Kerry Summers noted that the count on Monday was 1,100 behind this time last year. Penalties for late responses range from ten dollars to $100, depending on the value of the property assessed.

    The 2014 forms are a bright yellow with green print. “It’s a very simple form; you just fill in the blanks,” Summers said. There are no major changes to the forms for this year. And he cautioned people about waiting to send the information in. “A lot of people don’t report their personal property until their license is due,” he said. “Some mistakenly think they don’t have to report it until then. But, then they have to pay penalties.”
    This year is the second year that citizens are asked to provide a daytime phone number next to their signature on the form. “It really helps to have the telephone number,” Summers said. “If we can’t read (a person’s writing), we don’t want to guess.” He explained it was very helpful to be able to contact property owners, if needed, to ensure an accurate assessment of taxes before the bills are mailed out.
    This will also be the second year for the assessor’s office to utilize a special computer program collaboration between the State of Missouri’s Department of Revenue and the State Assessor’s Association. This program allows assessors to import information on vehicles reported by their VIN numbers, thus valuing them more accurately based on what options the particular vehicle may have. “This is a more fair way of appraising vehicles,” Summers noted.
    For more information on personal property assessment, contact the Crawford County Assessor’s Office at (573) 775-2065.