Last updateSat, 31 Jan 2015 4pm

Woman charged with stealing purse

A Bourbon woman has been charged with stealing without consent, a class C felony, after she allegedly snatched a purse from the McDonald’s restaurant in Cuba on June 27.

Police say that Amanda D. Bell, 31, of Bourbon, stole the purse of a Cuba woman after the victim accidentally left her purse sitting underneath a table while she went to the counter to pick up her food order. When the victim returned to her seat to retrieve the purse, it was gone.

When police arrived at McDonald’s, surveillance footage reportedly showed that Bell sat down at the table, picked the purse up, and walked out of the restaurant. A McDonald’s manager and employee identified Bell and her address.

Later that evening, police arrived at Bell’s home in Bourbon to find a burn pile in the backyard, containing a Social Security card, prescription cards, health insurance cards, and pieces of a purse. All items had been only partially burned, and police were able to identify the victim’s name on the cards.

While police were searching the backyard for additional evidence, Bell drove slowly by the home in an SUV but did not stop. Neighbors were instructed that if she returned to the house to call the police immediately.

About an hour later, Bell did return to the house, where she was questioned by police. Bell was wearing the same clothes that she was wearing in the McDonald’s video surveillance footage.

During questioning, Bell stated that she had put the purse back where she found it. Police then advised Bell that they found the victims belongings partially burned in her backyard. Bell did not have an explanation as to why.

Bell was then taken into custody for stealing, and transported to the Crawford County Sheriff's Department.