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Bourbon school supply lists

Bourbon Elementary School supply list
    Students should mark all supplies with their name except as specified.
    Preschool: $45 snack fee/supply fee, 1 backpack (standard size; small ones will not hold library books), 1 set of extra clothes (for milk spills).

   Place clothes in ziploc bag and label with child’s name.
    Kindergarten: 5 boxes of regular (24 count) crayons, Crayola brand (small diameter, not jumbo or chunky), 1 Elmer’s white school glue (4-oz. bottles), 6 jumbo glue sticks, 1 pair Fiskar scissors (no other brand please), 12 regular (#2) pencils, 1 backpack (regular size, no wheels), 1 set of watercolor paints, 1 plastic art box and 1 Mead Primary Journal K-2.
    Boys: 1 box tissues.
    Girls: 1 pack of 8 regular Crayola washable markers.
    *Please do not send:  erasers, rulers or pencil sharpeners.
    Kindergarten art supply list:
1 box big Crayola markers
    First grade: 2 4-oz. bottles of glue, 8 small glue sticks, 4 boxes of 24 crayons, 1 small plastic school box, 48 plain yellow #2 pencils, 1 (4 pack) black fine point expo markers, 4 large pink erasers, 2 large boxes of tissues, 1 pair of Fiskar scissors, 2 pocket folders-plain, plastic, 2 spiral notebooks and 1 backpack or book bag.
    *Please do not send: pencil or crayon sharpeners, markers, pens or rulers.
    First grade art supply list: 1 Black sharpie.
    Second grade: 1 pair pointed Fiskar scissors, 8 glue sticks, 2 bottles 4-oz. glue, 4 boxes of 24 crayons, 48 pencils, 1 small school box, 3 large boxes of tissues, 1 backpack or book bag (without wheels), 2 70-page wide ruled spiral notebooks, 4 plastic color pocket folder with brads, 2 large erasers (preferably white) and 1 pack Expo black dry erase markers   
    *Please do not send:  markers, rulers, pencil sharpeners, large school box, Trapper keepers or other large notebooks.
    Second grade art supply list: 1 bottle of glue and 1 box thin Crayola markers.
    Third grade: 2 pkg. wide rule loose-leaf notebook paper, 4 packs pencils (72), 1 highlighter, 2 colored ink pens, 1 school glue, 2 erasers, ruler with centimeters and inches, colored pencils or crayons, scissors, 3 boxes of tissues, backpack (without wheels).
    Girls: 1 box sandwich size zipper sealed bags.
    Boys: 1 box gallon size zipper sealed bags.
    2 70-page spiral notebooks, 1 small school box, 2 plastic plain pocket folders and 1 1-inch binder.
    Label items with student’s name if possible.
    *Please do not send:  Trapper Keepers, markers or pencil sharpeners.
    Third grade art supply list: 1 glue stick.
    Fourth grade: 3 boxes of tissues, 2 theme spiral notebook, 1 plastic art supply box, 24 pencils #2 (No mechanical please), 1 ruler with metric and customary measurement, 1 pair scissors, 1 box of 24 crayons or colored pencils, 1 large pink eraser, 2 glue sticks, 2 (plastic) color pocket folder with brads, 1 yellow highlighter, 1 pkg. dry erase markers, 1 backpack or tote bag, protractor and 1 box washable markers. No Sharpies please.
    Girls:  1 box of quart size ziplock bags.
    Boys:  1 box of gallon size ziplock bags
    Fourth grade art supply list: Prang washable watercolor paint (eight assorted colors).

Bourbon Middle School supply list
    Fifth grade (All): One plastic 2-pocket folder with prongs, 60 (#2) wooden pencils, 4 boxes tissues, 2 packages loose-leaf paper (wide-ruled), 5 one-subject notebooks, 1 package colored pencils and 4 glue sticks.
    Sixth grade (All): All supplies are mandatory. 6 8.5x11 subject notebooks (size mandatory) This size is similar to large 5-Star notebooks. 1 package loose-leaf (wide-ruled) paper, 3 pocket folders, 1 art box that will fit in desk, 10 glue sticks, 2 bottles Elmer’s glue, 1 large pink eraser, 60 (#2) wooden pencils, 1 package red pens, 1 package markers, 2 black (ultra fine point) Sharpies, 1 box 48-count Crayons, 1 package 24-count colored pencils, 1 pair scissors, 2 packages of two highlighters (any color), 3 boxes Kleenex, 1 3-ring binder or Trapper Keeper and 1 calculator (basic is all that is necessary).
    The fifth and sixth grade classes could use paper towels if anyone would like to donate them.
    Seventh grade: Three boxes Kleenex, 3 packages of notebook paper, 1 1-1/2” binder for all classes, 1 1-1/2” binder (for ZBL Geography only), 1 package of 8-binder dividers, 8 (70-count) subject spiral notebooks (1-English, 1-Creative Writing, 2-Math, 1-Science and 3-Social Studies), 2 2-pocket folders no prongs (English Creative Writing), 2 2-pocket folders with prongs (1-Social Studies and 1-Exploratory Science), 3 packages of 24 (#2) wooden pencils (no mechanical pencils), 1 package red pens (for math only), 2 highlighters (unscented), 2 packages 24-count colored pencils, protractor, calculator (Scientific is preferred), 10 glue sticks (2-Art and 8-Science/English/Math), 3 bottles glue (2-Social Studies and 1-Art), 1 art box, 1 pair scissors, 1 pencil sharpener with lid and erasers.
    Eight grade: Three boxes tissues, 1 3-ring binder or 6-pocket folders, 3 packages ruled paper, 3 dry erase markers (no permanent markers), 2 packages black pens, 2 red pens, 2 boxes of 24 (#2) pencils, 1 calculator, 1 box colored pencils (Social Studies and Science), 2 2-pocket folders with prongs (Social Studies), 2 1-subject spiral notebook (Science), 3 1-subject spiral  notebooks (Social Studies), 2 bottles glue (Social Studies and Science), 5 glue sticks (Social Studies and Science), 1 pencil sharpener with lid (Social Studies and Science), 1 art box (Social Studies and Science) and 1 pair scissors (Social Studies and Science).
    Sixth, seventh and eighth grade art:  You may use your supply box for other classes, but it must contain the following for art: 1 box of 24 (#2) wooden pencils (no mechanical pencils), 2 large pink erasers, 1 box colored pencils, 1 bottle of glue or 2 glue sticks, 1 pencil sharpener with lid, 2 fine point Sharpies, 2 extra fine point Sharpies and 1 pair scissors.
    Seventh and eighth grade band: Tradition of Excellence Book 2, one 1 1/2” three-ring binder, page protectors for binder, appropriate accessories for your instrument. Example: Reeds, oils, sticks, etc.