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Following successful effort to defeat special interest tax breaks, Gov. Nixon releases more than $140 million for education

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Following a successful effort to defeat a package of special interest tax breaks, Gov. Jay Nixon today announced the release of $143.6 million for local school districts and higher education institutions. In addition, local schools will be spared an additional $93 million cut to their Proposition C sales tax revenues that would have resulted from these tax breaks becoming law.

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Legislators pass new gun laws

JEFFERSON CITY - Prospective gun owners in Missouri will be able to apply for conceal-and-carry permits at an earlier age, after a bill was passed in both the House and Senate. The bill lowers the age to apply for a conceal-and-carry permit from 21 to 19. It also prohibits cities from banning open carry laws and allows teachers and school administrators acting as school protection officers to carry firearms.

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Missouri House overturns all considered budget vetoes

JEFFERSON CITY -In a show of bipartisan lawmaking, the Missouri House overturned every budget veto it considered during Wednesday's veto session. Budget items approved by both houses would provide more than $51 million in state funding to a variety of programs.

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Local business owners and industry experts discuss taxes with Department of Revenue

JEFFERSON CITY - Business owners and other industry experts complained to a Senate tax committee on the Nixon administration's  changing tax rules without advanced notice.

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Lawmakers consider override on school transfers veto

JEFFERSON CITY - The thorny and complicated problem of student transfers from unaccredited school districts will be back before the Missouri Senate when the legislature's veto session convenes Wednesday, Sept. 10.

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