Last updateFri, 28 Nov 2014 8am

State and Regional News

Missouri Bar committees recommend all 50 non-partisan judges on November ballot

JEFFERSON CITY - A group of committees sponsored by the Missouri bar have recommended all 50 of the nonpartisan judges up for retention in November be retained.

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Patrol urges motorists to watch out for deer

Colonel Ron Replogle, superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, reminds drivers that deer are more active this time of year, and to please be especially vigilant during evening and early dawn hours. Deer behavior changes due to mating season, which may cause an increase in sightings and roadway crossings. Hunting and crop harvesting may result in these animals being in places they aren’t usually seen. Drivers are urged to remain alert.

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Missouri's education goals under review and subject to change

JEFFERSON CITY - Groups assigned to review and rewrite Missouri's learning standards begin their work just days after Missouri’s Education Commissioner Chris Nicastro announced her retirement.

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Local law enforcement will not be reimbursed from the state

JEFFERSON CITY - Local law enforcement will not receive reimbursement from the state for having resources in Ferguson since Aug. 9.

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Gov. Nixon creates Office of Community Engagement

JEFFERSON CITY - Just weeks following the chaos in Ferguson, Gov. Nixon signed an executive order creating a new office to deal with issues concerning low-income and minority communities found all across the state.

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