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Pelicans and Waspers

    If you have never watched a giant flock of pelicans in flight you have missed, uh, well, seeing pelicans in flight! Nothing flies like that. They are kind of pretty, because they soar and twist so slowly, and turn and reflect their snow-white plumage in the sun as they do so. Every year about this time they frequent the upper reaches of Truman Lake by the thousands and thousands.

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Discover nature with elk driving tours

An additional route will make it easier than ever to see Missouri’s wild elk this year, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation.

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Several lunker caught at Ladies Fishing Day - PHOTO GALLERY

Maramec Spring Park had an awesome day at Saturday for its Ninth Annual Ladies Fishing Day, whichbrought 333 female anglers to the park.  Fourteen out of 40 lunkers were checked in with the biggest topping the scales at 7.6 pounds, which was caught by Tiffany Femmer, of Cuba, who is shown with her new lunker patch.

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Dove hunting be danged

    Remember a couple of weeks ago, when in this very column I said that I had decided not to hunt doves anymore. I think that was a very good idea. But I went anyway, on opening day, after my old friend Rich Abdoler said he was going by himself.

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Fall hunting seasons arriving and outlook is good

    If you are an outdoorsman, living in the Ozarks is especially rewarding. There is some type of outdoor activity which you can enjoy every month of the year. Additionally, fall is the ultimate season for hunters, with several hunting and fishing seasons beginning in September.

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