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A sick deer—harbinger of things to come?

    A neighbor a few miles away had a sick buck deer, acting tame, come up to his place covered with ticks and too weak to go much farther. He photographed it, and you can see photos of the deer on my website, given at the end of this column.

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MDC offers unique outdoor survival program — Survival Skills 101: Zombies!

It's been the subject of books, movies, and television. But what if a zombie apocalypse really did occur and the world was taken over by evil creatures bent on destruction? Would you be ready? Do you have the skills to survive?

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MDC and CFM encourage deer hunters to Share the Harvest

    Many Missourians need help with putting meat on the dinner table. Deer hunters can help by sharing their harvests through Missouri's Share the Harvest program. Share the Harvest connects deer hunters with hungry Missourians through participating meat processors and local hunger-relief agencies around the state.

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Major step completed in development of new cross-state trail

    Last week Ameren submitted a letter indicating its plans to rail bank an additional 145 miles of the Rock Island line stretching from Windsor almost to Washington, Mo., where it will eventually connect with the Katy Trail. Adding this to the existing Katy Trail and portions of the Rock Island Trail already under way means Missouri is now working towards an interconnected statewide trail network of more than 450 miles.

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A wet, illegal gobbler

    I don’t want anyone to get to thinking I have any money, because that kind of thing gets you in trouble with the IRS, but last year I bought about 50 acres off in the middle of nowhere. It sits on a pretty little creek, with a great little cabin on it, just made for someone like me who likes to pretend he is living in some previous century with no one within 500 miles. Filled with big timber, decorated with the howling of coyotes and bellowing of bullfrogs at night and the gobbling of wild toms at dawn, it is a little paradise to me.

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