FCC authorizes $22 million for broadband in rural Missouri counties

By Caitlyn Rosen, Missouri News Network
Missourians living in rural areas have dealt with a lack of broadband access at disproportionate levels. Funding authorized Tuesday from the Federal Communications Commission could peck away at the problem.

Simon's Law, debtor prison bill headed to governor

By Caitlyn Rosen, Missouri New Network
JEFFERSON CITY — Lawmakers rarely agree on issues. Last Monday, however, there was one topic all of the members of the House were united on.
They voted unanimously to pass legislation that requires doctors to provide parental notification before placing do-not-resuscitate orders on children.
Also Monday, House members passed legislation to rid Missouri of its debtors prison system.

Efforts to change Clean Missouri halted in final week of session

By Tom Coulter, Missouri News Network
JEFFERSON CITY —Two pieces of legislation that would have changed the Clean Missouri amendment will not make it to Gov. Mike Parson’s desk this year.
Amendment 1, also known as Clean Missouri, won approval from 62 percent of voters in November. Among other changes within the amendment, Clean Missouri overhauls the state’s redistricting process by putting a nonpartisan state demographer in charge of drawing the legislative districts.

Bible literacy elective bill goes to governor for signature

JEFFERSON CITY — Public schools in Missouri will soon be encouraged to teach the Bible.
The House passed a resolution that, if signed by the governor, will encourage public high schools to offer an elective course on the Bible and which recommends that they require that world literature courses include information on “wisdom literature” from the Bible.