Drug charges filed against three people

The Crawford County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has filed drug possession-related charges against the following people in recent weeks:


Amber Marie Wood, 29, of Owensville, stands charged with class D felony possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine), class A misdemeanor resisting an arrest, class B misdemeanor first degree trespassing, and class D misdemeanor unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia. The charges stem from a February 20 incident in Cuba.

On that date, Cuba police responded to Walmart for a report of possible shoplifting and trespassing. Walmart personnel had the woman later identified as Wood and another woman outside the store, and the employees informed police they thought one of them had concealed something on her person before leaving the store. Store personnel also noted that Wood had been cited for trespassing from the store previously.

Wood initially provided a false name and birthdate to police, maintaining that’s who she was, even when informed that the person didn’t exist in any records from the state. After she was told that a Missouri Highway Patrol trooper was on his way and could identify her by her fingerprints, she ran from police towards a vehicle parked in the parking lot.

As the officers chased her, she jumped into the passenger’s side front seat and locked the door; however, the window was down, so one officer reached in and unlocked the door. During this time, Wood started the vehicle and attempted to put it into gear. The man in the driver’s seat reportedly said, “What are you doing, Amber? What the (expletive) are you doing?” and “Stop fighting, Amber!”

Officers grabbed her by the legs and pulled her from the vehicle, placed her on the ground, and handcuffed her behind her back. As she was being walked back to a patrol vehicle, she provided her true identification. With that information, CenCom discovered that she had five warrants for her arrest out of Franklin County for Failure to Appear. Wood was told she was under arrest for the outstanding warrants and for resisting arrest and trespassing.

A female officer arrived to search Wood prior to her transport to the county jail, and she located a small baggie containing white powder, which Wood reportedly said would test positive for meth. A cellophane cigarette wrapper that contained a small piece of cotton was also found, and Wood also stated it would test positive for meth.



Richy Allen West, 37, of Cuba, faces the charge of class D felony possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine).

On April 2, a state trooper saw West driving a black Audi south of Cuba on Highway 19. After confirming that West had an active felony warrant, the trooper pulled him over near The Rafting Company, asked him to exit his vehicle, and placed him in handcuffs. When the trooper asked the passenger to exit the vehicle, too, he saw a used syringe on the floorboard of the car.

The trooper asked for and received permission to search the vehicle. He found two plastic containers with amphetamine residue. Under the hood, the trooper found two digital scales containing a crystallized residue. The syringe had been used and contained a clear liquid residue. Five counterfeit hundred dollar bills were also found inside the vehicle.

During a search of West’s person, the trooper found what appeared to be a counterfeit check in his back pocket, but West said it didn’t belong to him and he didn’t know why it was there.



Brett Douglas Merritt, 25, of Leasburg, has been charged with class D felony possession of a controlled substance (fentanyl) as a result of a traffic stop conducted on December 20, 2018.

At around 10 a.m. on that date, a state trooper pulled over a Pontiac Grand Am because the driver’s window appeared to have darker tint than is allowed by law. While speaking to the driver, the trooper detected the odor of burnt marijuana and asked her to accompany him to his patrol vehicle. The driver reportedly admitted that she might have marijuana in her purse and offered to show it to him.

When the trooper returned to the car and asked Merritt to step out of the vehicle, the trooper noted that there was a marijuana pipe and a small ziplock baggie containing three capsules in the passenger’s seat. Merritt reportedly claimed the pipe as his, and when asked, said he believed the capsules were “beans” (heroin placed into a capsule).

However, in the patrol vehicle, the driver reported she and Merritt had shared the pipe and it belonged to her. When she was shown the baggie, she stated, “That is not mine!”

Merritt reportedly told the trooper that he had used heroin, but denied the capsules belonged to him. Although they’d been located under his leg, he told the trooper he’d not seen them when he sat down in the car.

The capsules were seized as criminal evidence and sent to the Missouri State Highway Patrol Crime Laboratory for analysis.

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