Taxpayers shouldn’t fund election rallies

    The Center for Public Integrity reported that Donald Trump and his Campaign Committee owe over $1.7 million dollars to several cities that he has held MAGA rallies, which in his case are reelection rallies.

    The recent rally in Albuquerque totaled $211,000 with $71,000 of that in police overtime.
    When you have a rally and expect a lot of attendees, it is understandable that extra security and officers are needed, especially since the University of Pennsylvania has researched and found that there are 2.3 times more assaults in these cities when Trump rallies are held there.
    Yes, the influx of people will spend money in that town, but that does not help the city pay for the costs related to providing security and overtime for officers.
    Trump may be violating the federal campaign finance laws by failing to report these debts as disputed debts since the cities have provided something of value to Trump’s political committee.
    I, as a taxpayer, do not want my tax dollars to subsidize anyone’s political campaign, especially Trump’s excessive MAGA election campaigns.
    It boils down to being ethical and having a moral duty to pay for services rendered. Pay your bills.
Maxine and Ken Horgan
Mountain View, Mo.