History repeats itself

    Although Hitler was an evil person, he certainly knew how to lead people to believe that he knew better how to solve the nation’s problems.

    He understood that if a person repeatedly fed the people lies, they would eventually believe them. The first lie was that because they were Aryan blood, they were a superior race. Therefore, other people owed them something. The second lie was that the Jews were a problem to the German nation. The final result of this thinking was the disaster called WWII.
    Presently, we have another group of people who want to spread their lies via the media. The first sign of this phenomenon was the Ferguson fiasco, during which the media condemned a white policeman for murdering a black man. In spite of the facts, the Post-Dispatch made heroes of the people who looted and burned down stores. It condemned the police action as brutal. As a result, a presidential candidate repeated this lie by saying that a white policeman murdered a black man, in spite of the fact that a grand jury rejected such a statement.
    The obfuscation continued with the  Democrats’ effort to impeach the President, citing a “dossier” of questionable origin. After millions of dollars of wasted taxpayers’ money, the Mueller Report concluded that there was no evidence that such a collusion between the President and Russia ever existed.
    Presently, the lies continue with an effort to convince young voters that socialism is the answer to all their problems. Force the rich to give money to the poor. What an original idea! Then everyone will live happily ever after, with no incentive to work! However, a short examination of failed socialistic societies plainly demonstrates that such systems do not work. Russia, Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela are prime examples.
    Even in current events, the Democratic leaders continue to push impeachment after all their lies were exposed in their first effort. One Democrat insists that he knew more than the Mueller commission. Now, he presents evidence behind closed doors which he says will lead to impeachment.
    It is embarrassing to think that our representatives actually believe that the average person does not understand what the Democrats are trying to do. Hopefully, the American people wil not follow the mistakes of the German people who bought into Hitler’s lies. Thus, an American tragedy will be averted.
Don Sellers