Trump promised much, has delivered little

    Re: Kay Worley's letter last week about Trump's "innumerable successes."
    Three years ago (on Oct. 22, 2016), Trump tweeted out 10 proposed pieces of legislation called the “Contract with the American Voter" that he promised to pass within the first 100 days of his administration.

Here is where these legislative acts currently stand (remember he had full Republican control of Congress for his first two years in office):
    1. Middle Class Tax Relief and Simplification Act  (partially enacted). The largest tax rate reductions in the law went to those making $1 million a year or more; the biggest reductions were for corporations and, unlike for individuals, the corporate cuts are permanent.
    2. End the Offshoring Act (not passed).
    3. American Energy and Infrastructure Act (not passed).
    4. School Choice and Education Opportunity Act (not passed).
    5. Repeal and Replace Obamacare Act (not passed).
    6, Affordable Childcare and Eldercare Act (not passed).
    7. End Illegal Immigration Act (not passed). In addition, no new border wall has actually been built!
    8. Restoring Community Safety Act (not passed).
    9. Restoring National Security Act (passed in part).
    10. Clean Up Corruption in Washington Act (not passed).
    Actually, this is all good news! Many of these legislative "promises" would have been steps backward.
    However, he has had successes in attacking women, the environment and our allies around the world. He has allowed our elections to be attacked, and, his increased tariffs (which are actually taxes) have cost each American $600 this year alone, according to JP Morgan!
    And a particularly dirty "achievement" is giving tacit permission to bigots and white supremacists that attacking our own fellow Americans because of their race, gender, religion, gender ID, or ethnicity is now OK (which it is NOT).
    So, I leave it to you to decide if the current president has had "innumerable successes."
Ellen Bowles