Tell us why you believe it’s okay to kill unborn

    The Horgans made a good point last week about abortion in saying, "An issue of this magnitude should have been put to the voters Missouri..."

    But what bothers me is how the Horgans, or anyone, can go along with Planned Parenthood (330,000 per year) and others (700,000 per year) who cruelly kill fully-formed, heart-beating unborn babies by jerking or cutting them into pieces at three to four months, chemically burning them to death with salt solution at five months, putting them in the trash to gasp for air until dead at six months, or stabbing them in the back of the head and sucking out their brains as they are being born at nine months.
    There has to be something sick about this. This is the main reason I left the Democratic Party years ago. It just is not what it used to be.
    Please, Maxine and Ken Horgan—or anyone, write this paper and tell us why you believe it is okay to do this to these innocent children.
    Since abortion is first-degree murder, according to the Bible those who perform, promote, and knowingly allow these killings will burn in Hell forever unless they repent and accept Jesus Christ—Who suffered and died for ALL sin—as their Savior and Lord...for truly, He is the answer, and He is willing to help them change their minds and actions.
Pastor Norman Heironimus