Smith needs to quit spewing nonsense

    First, I appreciate you for allowing others to express their beliefs and thoughts. Jason Smith’s weekly comments are so one-sided yet are placed in an editorial section every week.

    Last week (November 21, 2019) it was just more of the same silly comments and untruthful thoughts. First, the “Donald” did nothing wrong! That’s why he is being impeached by members of Congress. Twelve witnesses testified (something the “Donald” will not do) to their knowledge (yes, some second-hand). The “Donald” was holding money from Ukraine, which had been previously approved by Congress for arms, so that he could obtain false statement to benefit future elections.
    If the “Donald” and the Right wanted more specific facts, perhaps this could have been accomplished if the individuals were allowed to testify and not blocked by Don.
    Jason mentions Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, was employed by a company in Ukraine. Along those lines why don’t you mention Andrew Giuliani, the son of the president’s attorney. Andrew has worked in the White House, Office of the Public Liaison since March 2017 with a salary of $90,700. Andrew helps as a liaison to the sports community.
    You also have Jared Kushner, the “Donald’s” son-in-law and self-appointed Middle East expert!
    As you mentioned with great admiration, the “Donald” has been able to do so much…several of his past assistants are in federal prison, indicted for lying to Congress, tax problems, etc. It is a roll of the dice who is next.
    The Trumpster would like to do more you state—his famous wall that Mexico was going to pay for… Mexico forgot that or they’re behind in payments? What a brainstorm!
    I believe the best help for you would be put your comic books away and turn off cartoons. The daily news is on two or three stations every day.
    Well until next week when you tell us more falsehoods, best wishes.
Thank you,
Joseph Murphy