Investigation not the same as interference

    I know this is Christmas week and the most important thing is the fact that the Son of God came down here to be born as a baby so He could grow up to suffer and die for the sins of the world so that all who receive Him through faith as their Lord and Savior can receive forgiveness, have Him in their lives now, and go to Heaven one day, but I didn't want Jim Vokac's letters of Dec. 12 and 19 to go unanswered.

    It sounds like Mr. Vokac gets all of his "news" from CNN, for he is as unrealistic as it is.
    In the first letter he says, "It is clear from the testimony...that President Trump tried to extort help from the president of Ukraine." While it might be "clear" to Mr. Vokac and the others who have wanted to impeach President Trump from the beginning of his presidency and have been looking for an excuse to do so (and all of their prior attempts—including a two-year investigation—have failed), it is not clear to any others of us, including many non-partisans and some Democrats such as attorney Turley who said so during the Inquiry.
    However, it is very clear (because he's on video bragging about it) that then Vice President Joe Biden threatened to withhold money from Ukraine if it did not fire a prosecutor who was investigating his son. Where was impeachment then?
    And just because President Trump asked (not demanded, like Biden) for an investigation into the alleged Biden's crime of extortion, he is to be impeached? Just think, Biden could be exonerated and come out looking good! So what do Biden and the Democrats have to fear? It is an opportunity to clear his name and make Trump look bad.
    And while I agree with Mr. Vokac's last statement, "If senators put party before country they should be voted out of office," I believe it definitely applies to the Democrats who have already done so.
    In the second letter, Mr. Vokac says in the first paragraph that "...Republicans presented no facts to try to prove President Trump's innocence, but attacked the process as unfair..."
    First of all, in our law system it is not up to the defendant to prove innocence, but up to the prosecution to prove guil—which it tried several times but failed.
    And secondly, the reason the Republicans complained about the process was because they were not allowed to present witnesses.
    Then in the last paragraph, Mr. Vokac says, "There is every reason to believe he will again invite foreign governments to interfere with our elections."
    Factually speaking, there is no reason to believe that President Trump ever invited any foreign government, including Russia and Ukraine, "to interfere with our elections"—asking for an investigation in which the person could be exonerated is hardly asking for interference.
    A blessed and merry Christmas and New Year to all.
Pastor Norman Heironimus