Crawford County Courthouse closed except by appointment - UPDATED

Crawford County Clerk John Martin announced March 19, by order of the county commission, the Crawford County Courthouse, all county offices spaces, and all other county properties will be closed to access by the general public, except by appointment. The closure began at 8 a.m., Monday, March 23, and continue until further notice is given.

If a member of the public needs to conduct business with a particular county office, they should call that office directly to make an appointment. For example, if someone needs a deed, they need to call the Recorder's office first to make an appointment; those paying court fines will need to call the Circuit Court to make an appointment; and the same with all other offices.

When appointments are made, office personnel will be responsible for escorting the individual to and from their office via the front door. 

The county asks citizens to do as much online or phone communication for county business as possible. Tax payments to the collector’s office may be still be made online, absentee ballots can be processed via mail, and other business may be done over electronic services instead of in-person.The county clerk’s office will be closed to the public, except for business involving elections or voting, as well as notaries expiring before May 31. The issuing of ATV/UTV permits will cease during this period.  

The county commission will continue to hold its weekly meetings on Tuesdays, but will only allow a maximum of 10 people in the room at a time.

To make appointments with specific county offices, please use the following numbers:

            Court: 573-775-2866

            Sheriff: 573-775-2125

            Assessor: 573-775-2065

            Collector: 573-775-2845

            Prosecuting Attorney: 573-775-5010

            Coroner: 573-775-4250

            Health Department: 573-775-2555

            Public Administrator: 573-775-3440

            Clerk: 573-775-2376

            Recorder of Deeds: 573-775-5048

            Treasurer: 573-775-2897