MBSH adopts 'no visitor' policy

Missouri Baptist Hospital in Sullivan has announced a new visitation policy as follows:

In order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital has adopted a “no visitor” policy, which began on Monday.

A comprehensive list of all circumstances in which the benefits of allowing visitors exceeds the risk posed by COVID-19 is impossible. However, the following EXCEPTIONS are pre-approved for visitation:

• Obstetric patients may have one designated visitor (such as a partner or birth support person).

• Patients who are at end-of-life may have two designated visitors.

• Pediatric patients may have one adult designated visitor.

• Patients with behavioral health, developmental delays or altered mental status for whom a family member or caregiver is integral to their care or safety may have one visitor.

• Pediatric patients with an appointment in an outpatient setting, procedural area or in the Emergency Department may have one designated visitor.

All visitors are expected to stay in the patient’s room at all time. Visitors may not swap out with each other. No visitors will be allowed to come and go from the patient rooms.