St. James summer school will be online only

    The St. James High School will be offering virtual summer school courses due to COVID-19 and the deadline to enroll will be Monday, May 25. Courses are open to students in grades 9-12 at no cost and they can earn up to one unit of credit.

    Summer school will run from Monday, June 1, through Friday, June 26, and courses will be offered online only. Prerequisites for classes will apply to summer school courses and a list of those can be found in the course description handbook on the district’s website. All offerings are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment.
    Students interested in enrolling must do so no later than next Monday and enrollees will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. Online classes are worth a half credit or a full credit, depending on the course. Students are expected to complete an equivalent amount of work as would be completed in a full semester of regular classes. Students will need to have access to the Internet, due courses being conducted online.
Students will be expected to keep up with their daily coursework and to communicate with their teachers. If a student doesn’t have contact with the teacher within the first three days of the course, they will be dropped. Students will be given mid-term and final grade reports at the appropriate time during the course.
Signup forms and information is available on the school district’s website at or via the St. James R-1 School District’s Facebook page. For more information about which courses to take, to learn more about the courses being offered, or other information about summer school, contact the high school 573-265-2300.
Courses will be held Monday through Friday of each week of summer school and will be two-week or four-week courses, depending on the class. Two-week courses include credit recovery, used for students who need to recover a credit for a class they previously failed. The building counselor will help students determine if credit recovery is an option for the student. Also, a two-week course being offered is a freshman transition course to help incoming freshmen learn the basic skills to make their high school experience successful, learning study skills developing a four-year course plan, communication skills and others they will need for the next four years.
Health will be a two-week course offered focusing on physical, mental, and social health concepts to promote health literacy and lifestyle factors used in teenage and adult years. A mass media course will help students learn about various forms of media, how it is produced and delivered, and students will learn how they utilize media daily. Mythology will give students an overview of classic mythology. A two-week personal finance course will give students the basic skills of making real-world financial decisions. Physical education will help students stay active and learn about various exercises, stretching, cardiovascular exercise, and calisthenics. Science fiction literature will teach students about the genre. Finally, sociology will allow students study people in group relationships.
Four-week courses offered will also include credit recovery classes as well as a range of major courses offered at the high school. These include career communications, only available to seniors, which builds on the skills learned through earlier English courses with an emphasis on communication.
Earth and space science is for sophomores and above and will provide insight into the earth, how it was formed, its composition, weather, and climate. In English 2, students will both read and write, learning about research writing and literary analysis. Government will provide an insight into the function and structure of federal, state, and local governments. Honor’s algebra, which is for freshmen, is an elective course offered to those going into honors algebra 2 in the fall.
Math exploration will be a math advancement course covering the basics of math classes missed due to the early closure of school as well as covering new skills. Physical science is also a four-week course for freshmen who have not had algebra, but who are interested in attending a four-year college after high school. Rounding out the four week courses is Spanish 1, which will provide the basics of the Spanish language.

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