Shouldn’t disobey governor’s orders

    Recently a beauty shop owner in Texas, Mrs. Luther, received much attention by reopening her shop against the governor's order regarding coronavirus after having followed it for 30 days.

    She was arrested, and the judge gave her the choice of apologizing and closing her shop or going to jail for seven days. Mrs. Luther chose jail, saying she opened back up because she had to feed her children, and would not close. However, the governor thought the punishment was too harsh, and he ordered her released the next day (apparently, he didn't specify a punishment, but he needs to).
    Mrs. Luther is now being considered a hero by many, including U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, of Texas, who went to her for a haircut after she was released.
    But is she? It depends upon what viewpoint you look at it from—a God-given Biblical one or a purely human one.
    In the Bible, Apostles Paul (Romans 13) and Peter (1 Peter 2) both say to obey the government, unless it tells us to disobey God (Acts 5) and they were under the non-Christian Roman Empire.
    A purely human response could be anything the human decided it to be, including using weapons. And I believe Mrs. Luther chose the purely human one. Her children were not going to starve...she could have gotten help...and the governor's order was not telling her to disobey God (also, she set a bad example for her children about obeying rules—only obey the ones you like or agree with).
    Now, I'm not saying that the governor's order was a good, fair, or correctly scientific one, but that needs to be argued in court, not in disobedience and/or rebellion, for rebellion also is sin. Christians are to set a good example of obedience to whatever proper governing authorities.
    If some Christians disagree with me, I would be interested their reasoning using N.T. Bible passages.
Pastor Norman Heironimus

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