Wearing masks could be a game changer

    I urge everyone to wear a mask to cover their nose and mouth when in public spaces.
    The text below is from an article dated May 14, 2020 by JEREMY HOWARD, Distinguished Research Scientist University of San Francisco. It outlines the scientific evidence for mask wearing to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Results of mask-wearing
    There are numerous studies that suggest if 80 percent of people wear a mask in public, then COVID-19 transmission could be halted. Until a vaccine or a cure for COVID-19 is discovered, cloth face masks might be the most important tool we currently have to fight the pandemic.
    Given all of the laboratory and epidemiological evidence, the low cost of wearing masks – which can be made at home with no tools – and the potential to slow COVID-19 transmission with widescale use, policymakers should ensure that everyone wears a mask in public.
James Vokac
Willow Springs

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