Bicentennial time capsule needs public’s help to document Missouri history

 The State Historical Society of Missouri and the St. Louis Ambassadors are teaming up to develop a bicentennial time capsule with a goal to collect items that document Missouri’s past, present and future. The two organizations are asking for public participation in this project.

“Missouri’s bicentennial is an important time for Missourians to look back on our past and use this moment to come together for a better future,” said Richard T. Pisani, President of the Saint Louis Ambassadors, an all-volunteer organization that began when the Gateway Arch neared completion. The organization’s co-founder and chairman, Cicardi A. Bruce, added, “The time capsule will preserve the memories and moments 200 years later when the westward expansion of our nation ushered in the 24th state of Missouri into the union.”
Organizations, institutions, businesses, as well as local and state government agencies in Missouri are invited to participate by contributing three items: one to represent their past, one to represent their present, and a note to future Missourians. Items should measure no larger than 8.5 x 14 inches – i.e., no larger than legal size paper – and combined be no more than a quarter-inch thick. All submissions need to be in printed form and not electronic.
An online registration form is required for all submissions and items should be mailed to the following address:

The State Historical Society of Missouri
Attn: Time Capsule
605 Elm Street
Columbia, MO 65201

All participants will be notified of their successful submission and receive a certificate for participating in the time capsule. Contributions will be accepted through Aug. 10, 2021, and an event to commemorate the time capsule will be held August 27, 2021 in St. Louis. Once sealed, the time capsule will be housed at the State Historical Society of Missouri until Aug. 10, 2046, when it will be reopened and shared with the public 25 years later.
The State Historical Society of Missouri is the premier research center for the study of Missouri state and local history. Under the Missouri 2021 banner, SHSMO is coordinating a bicentennial commemoration in collaboration with local and statewide entities. The mission of Missouri 2021 is to promote a better understanding of Missouri and its regions, communities and people, both past and present.