Satterfield promoted to Brigadier General, takes command of Special Operations Command North

    The U.S. Army promoted Col. Shawn R. Satterfield to the rank of Brigadier General at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado on August 28.
    Satterfield, a native of St. James, Missouri, took command of Special Operations Command-North in July.

    Satterfield enlisted in the Missouri National Guard when he was 17 years old, and has spent most of the last 28 years in the special operations field.
    "The 28 years I've been in SOF has been a fantastic experience and would do it all again if afforded the choice. I've done about every Special Operations activity I've dreamed of doing over this period of time and have worked with incredibly talented operators, many who have become lifelong friends,” Satterfield said. “I would encourage anyone considering joining the military to pursue a path in SOF.  If I, as a small town kid who enlisted at 17, can make it through selection into the SOF world, almost anyone with a strong work ethic and dedication can achieve similar results."
    Special Operations Command-North was activated on November 5, 2013 by order of the Secretary of Defense.  SOCNORTH is tasked to provide command, control, and coordination of special operations in the United States Northern Command's Area of Responsibility.  SOCNORTH works with U.S. government departments and agencies, partner nations, and other organizations to ensure Homeland Defense.  SOCNORTH has distinguished itself by building partner nation special operations capability, improving our USG partners' shared understanding of irregular threats to the Homeland, and providing critical capabilities to civil authorities in times of crisis. Additionally, SOCNORTH integrates special operations forces as part of the joint force focused on Homeland Defense.
    "It's an honor and a privilege to take command of Special Operations Command North, which is responsible for planning, coordinating, and commanding special operations in the United States Northern Command's Area of Responsibility," Satterfield said at his change of command ceremony.