Emergency providers urging residents to sign up for alert services during Severe Weather Preparedness Week

• Alert services available for county and Cuba residents

    It’s Severe Weather Preparedness Week—March 1-5—and local emergency services authorities are urging area residents to sign up to get emergency notifications.

    Crawford County 911 Emergency Services has free messaging service available to county residents. It provides alerts for severe weather in the area, updates on COVID-19 in the county, and more.
    RAVE Smart911 has been jointly purchased by the emergency service agencies of Crawford County through the Crawford County Chiefs Association. Crawford County has also implemented the RAVE platform for use in the public schools, which allows an instantaneous message to be sent to 911 in the event of an active intruder.
    The messaging service can provide severe weather alerts as the National Weather Service sends them out. COVID-19 alerts will be provided from the Crawford County Health Department. 
    Alerts can be provided via text messages, emails, or phone calls, or all three. To sign up for the service online, go to smart911.com and click on the “Sign Up Today” button, or text the words “Smart911” to 67-283 to receive a link to download the Smart 911 phone app.
    Crawford County residents will be asked to provide their name, address, phone number, and email to sign up. The RAVE Smart 911 system is used to send out mass notifications through texts, emails, or voice calls to all users.
    The city of Cuba has its own emergency alert system—AlertCuba—and you can sign up for it, along with Smart 911 and the Smart 911 App.
    AlertCuba is a free service that allows individuals to sign up for notifications sent from the city of Cuba. It keeps residents and travelers informed on potentially hazardous situations involving weather, traffic, electric or water outages, and other emergencies.
    The Smart911 app provides enhanced functionality by sending targeted alerts based on the user’s location. Smart911 app users will receive the highest priority National Weather Service alerts including tornado warnings, flash flood warnings, and severe thunderstorm warnings based on their real-time location.
    You can also download the Smart911 App on the Apple Store or Google Play or registry by texting “Smart911,” “CubaMO,” or “CrawfordCo” to 67283.

City of Cuba - Emergency Management Agency
Tornado Siren Policy

    • National Weather Service issues a TORNADO WARNING with city of Cuba in the warned polygon and in the path of the storm.
    • A trained spotter reports a rotating wall cloud, funnel or a tornado in the city of Cuba. This may include storms tracking towards the city of Cuba.
    • National Weather Service issues a THUNDERSTORM WARNING producing life threatening winds approximately 80 mph or greater.
    • A trained spotter reports life threatening winds approximately 80 mph or greater in or approaching the city of Cuba.

    • Outdoor Warning Siren sound a steady tone for three minutes.
    • Sirens are cycled or “rested” for two minutes.
    • Outdoor Warning Sirens may be sounded multiple times during the warning.
    • The city of Cuba does NOT sound an all-clear siren. The public should listen to NOAA Weather Radio and the local media for current weather information.

    • The activation of Outdoor Warning Siren is designed to send the message to the public to; move inside a sturdy building, seek shelter as low and as interior as possible, and be informed by listening to NOAA Weather Radio and the local media for current weather information.

    • Outdoor Warning Sirens will be tested on the first Tuesday of each month at 10 a.m.
    • Outdoor Warning Sirens will be activated for one minute.
    • Outdoor Warning Sirens will not be tested if any of the following weather conditions exist: A. 100 percent cloud cover or overcast skies; B. Thunderstorms predicted for the area; C. Freezing weather conditions.
    If Outdoor Warning Sirens are not tested on the regular monthly test date and time, there will be no make-up test for that month.