What will you do for a cell phone?

    Even a year ago, as misinformation was deliberately spread across the land and unnecessary shutdowns were forced upon us, I would not have believed I would ask this question of Americans, but here it is: Are you willing to pump COVID vaccine into your bloodstream in order to keep your cell phone service?

    If you’ve called AT&T recently, you may have had the experience I had this morning. After completing the business about which I called, the agent asked if I had been vaccinated for COVID. Call me ungrateful for her concern, but my medical treatment is not the business of AT&T. My response was simple…I refused to answer the question.
    I am pretty sure AT&T doesn’t care if I live or die, much less if I receive a vaccination. So why the concern about my medical care? I think AT&T’s interest is the first hint that big business is now ready, willing, and able to play the role of shill for big government.
    You must be blind, deaf, and maybe even a little dumb, to not recognize the enormous effort and vast resources that are being poured into the effort to “persuade” Americans to take the vaccine. Turn on your television and some high-ranking government official is doing his best to frighten you into taking the vaccine. Movie stars appeal to your sense of duty on social media. So called public service announcements tell us that vaccination is our chance to get back together. Even the smallest local newspapers tell us not to consider risks that may be associated with the vaccines because all life is a risk; apparently to get a life, you must get a vaccination.
    To all these persuasive efforts, I say horse hockey! The more big government and others try to persuade me to take a COVID vaccine, or any medication for that matter, the more certain I am that I will not do so. My medical decisions are mine and mine alone. I go to the doctor when I decide to go. I take medications when I decide I need them. And I strongly resist efforts to control my decisions. Because of the massive fraud perpetrated on us by our government during the past year, I am now unpersuadable.
    So how will unpersuadables be made to comply? I think the opening shot has been fired. As I write this letter, big business is moving the persuasion effort from mass communication to one-on-one. A real, live agent will extend a very tactful, very personal invitation to be vaccinated. But soon, when those efforts aren’t enough, other tactics will be employed. Perhaps AT&T will first use the carrot approach and offer discounts or free upgrades for taking the vaccine. But no matter what is offered, there will still be unpersuadables. Then, I think, will come the stick: people will be told they must be vaccinated, or they can’t have a cell phone.
    It won’t be just AT&T either. Amazon may refuse to deliver orders to the unvaccinated. Cable companies may refuse hookups. Walmart may refuse to allow entrance to their stores. Americans rely heavily on all manner of businesses for the goods and services they want and need. That reliance generates power for corporate America and corporate America will not hesitate to use that power against us.
    Soon we may be faced with answering these questions: What are we willing to give up in order to make our own medical decisions? What are we willing to give up in order to maintain some modicum of freedom in what was once the land of the free?
Jacquelyn Hunt