Still confused

    Having waited a full month for my Democrat friends to answer my inquires, it seems appropriate to continue my quest to understand the present political situation. Perhaps my questions were vague and need clarification.

    Are there any Democrats out there who are happy with President Biden’s decisions during his first 100 days in office? Particularly do you think an open border is a wise decision? If so, who is going to pay the ten million dollars needed to carry out his project? Could it be you, the taxpayer? Also could it be possible that terrorists and the Mexican drug cartels are taking advantage of this situation?
    Yet another problem has arisen from the Democrats. Representative Waters seems to think that encouraging riots is a good idea. Should she be in jail? After being caught on tape, Waters said that she was (not) encouraging riots. Does she think anyone with a half a brain will believe her?
    Yet another problem has arisen from the recent senatorial race in Georgia. How is it possible that at least a half a dozen precincts have 100 percent participation? Rather unlikely. That is so patriotic! However, other precincts reported up to 119 percent participation! Not only unlikely, that is impossible. Now the Democrats are incensed that Georgia has voted for better rules to govern the vote problem. Voter I.D. is not racist; it is rational and desired by most of our citizens regardless of race.
    To attract the black voters the Democrats have proposed reparations be paid to the black people whose relatives were slaves. That sounds like a great idea. However, they seem to ignore the real Americans who were here before the whites, blacks and Latinos. All the legislature has to do is to figure out how much land is worth and pay off the “Indians” accordingly. I have Shawnee and Cherokee blood in my veins which is a little more than 10 percent. I’ll settle for 51 million dollars!
    One final questions must be answered. Whether you know it or not, the Democrat Party is using the same tactics used by Hitler. First, he convinced the population of Germany that they were superior people who deserved to lead the world. His notions were indeed the ultimate in real white supremacy. Then he convinced the people (not all but many) that the problem in German was caused by the Jews. Does that sound familiar? Anyone who is not woke, who disagrees with the Democrats is deemed a liar and the enemy most targeted are the police.
    To my Democrat friends, please answer these questions so as to ameliorate my confusion.
Donald Sellers

    EDITOR’S NOTE: After an extensive Internet search, Mr. Sellers claim that there was more than 100 percent voter participation in some Georgia precincts during the January senatorial election could not be substantiated. The only report found on more than 100 percent voter turnout in some Georgia precincts was from 2012 and that proved to be a data entry error.