MVP students honored

The 27th annual MVP (Most Valuable Person) breakfast was held last week at the Cuba High School. Teachers nominate a student that has brightened their day, adds spice to the classroom, has the highest average in class or is a tremendous example for others.

Students receiving MVP awards are listed followed by the teacher who nominated them. Levi Jones, Nurse Aleah Scharfenberg; Maddie Hancock, Randy Bouse; Joseph Mitchell, Samantha Callahan; Matt Laney, Jacklyn Campos; Toni Martellaro, Chris Case; Levi Gipson, Collin Crader; McKenna Shelton, Taylor Dace; Mason Pfeiffer, Tim Duarte, Jaycee Daberkow, Alex Garber; Brining Mulkey, Brett Joseph; Alex Moore and Lexi Earnhart, Emily Joseph; Dayton Daughtery, Lacy Ludwig; Abby Wilson, Reghan Martin; Kiyah Bast, Shannon Moore; Raylyn Henson, Jett Mullally; Justice Grace, Becky Ness; Layton Myers, Jen Ray; Hannah Dunham, Kristen Schrumpf; Alex DeLuna, Martha Sellers; Morgan Bridgeman, Roger Siwak; Emma Sharp, Lydia Stack; Riley Lewis, Handen Tufanio; and Shane Black, Morgan Whitaker.