Faulty thinking

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    One of the most influential thinkers of the 19th century was Friedrich Nietzsche. He is famous for his dictum, “If I think that God does not exist, then there is no God.”

    This effected many in Europe who abandoned belief in God. President Obama chose the same way of thinking, “If you think you are a man or woman, then you are what you choose to be.” Many fell for this stupidity. Now many Democrats are thinking the same way. Here are some examples.
    1. President Biden ignores the border crisis; therefore no crisis exists.
    2. Inflation is temporary. That’s a relief especially for the poor.
    3. Gas prices are the result of the greedy rich, not the result of what Biden has done.
    4. The problem in the big cities it the police, not the felons. Really?
    5. To help ease inflation we need more “fake” money. That is like pouring gas to put out a fire!
    6. Teaching hate to divide the country is good for America.
    By these examples anyone can see that the Democrat leaders’ thinking has been affected by Nietzsche’s faulty logic. Common sense has lead the average American to reject such weak thinking.
Don Sellers