Aughh, help!

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    Still think the Dems and Biden were a good idea? We are being governed by a bunch of heathen (no sign of morality) narcissistic (everything about them) socialists, communists, freedom stealing, financial ruining over-educated idiots.

    These are people that have never done anything in the real world. They have spent their entire lives in academic and government politics. Their obvious mission has been getting incredibly rich and access to world power. The hell with us little people. Why don’t we know our place? They are the elite and we are not. You know like in Hunger Games!
    There are a few Republicans with hearts and souls, daring to stand up and honor truth. Can you handle the truth?
    Go to You Tube and listen to Ted Cruz’s impassioned speech about what is happening with our non-existent southern border. The true human tragedy and insanity of the drug cartels in charge. We will suffer the horrible repercussions for years and years. Are the Dems in league with the cartels? It certainly seems so!
    Go to You Tube again and  listen to Rand Paul explain just how Fauci was involved with the WHO (World Health Organization) and when laboratory engineering the COVID-19 virus to cause a worldwide pandemic, all to gain power with China and Biden. Don’t believe me? Check it out. If someone doesn’t do something about it all, this won’t be the last pandemic.
    Go to You Tube again and listen to Jim Jordan forcing truth on the Biden minions. You won’t get the truth from the liberal media propogandists.
    I know it’s all so very ugly and none of us can stand the news. Who can you believe? But we have to pay attention and winnow the truth! We have to stand up, fight back or America will fall and it will be too late for our children and grandchildren to live in freedom and truth.
    So what are we going to do about the government corruption? Another corrupt election is headed our way and I’m not sure we can wait for 2024.
    Rise up people.
Emily Mosher