You don’t know communism

    I read the lengthy obviously heartfelt discourse. Mr. Tracy’s argument problem is based on a faulty premise which then discounts his conclusions.

    I have read and studied the constitution. It is based on Christian conservative beliefs that believe in the power of the people to govern themselves. There is no place within it for socialism and communism. Perhaps part of Mr. Tracy’s faulty premise is because he really doesn’t understand socialism and communism as to a people’s free republic/democracy which is dictated by the people governing themselves.
    Trump (again) really is only a symptom of free Americans being done with the current administration and its ties to George Soros and big tech calling the shots behind the scenes.
    The government of those who are elected are to represent and serve we the people not to dominate and suppress us.
    Mr. Tracy and other readers should sign on to Buddy Brown’s spots on YouTube. He speaks it in common speech and reminds us who “we the people” are.
Emily Mosher