What’s the truth?

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    Many years ago during the Vietnam war, the anchor for CBS was Walter Cronkite. When he went to Vietnam to observe the war for himself, he returned to the States and said that the war was a waste of lives and money. He said this in spite of the famous line that was given by the politicians and generals whose notorious dictum was “light at the end of the tunnel.”

    Yet the American people believed Cronkite and his judgment brought about the end of the war. Why? People trusted Walter Cronkite. Can the same be said of CBS, NBC and CNN who lied about the Russian collusion hoax for almost three years. How much damage has been done to the main media by the betrayal of the truth? How long will it take to bring trust back to the main TV stations?
    Then too the main media backed a presidential candidate even though he seldom left the basement of his home. That same candidate lied about his involvement in his son’s financial dealings. Now after almost a year, the media has ignored the obvious that there is something real about the so called laptop. It shows that the truth about the president is hard to swallow.
    When one of my classmates wrote the Russian Embassy in D.C., they started sending him the newspaper, Pravda. Once a person read one issue, it did not take long to figure out what was in any that followed; communism is good capitalism is bad. The same can be said of the liberal media; the Democrats are good and the Republicans are bad. The attack on President Trump was malicious and the praise of President Biden was beyond compare.
    So it begs the question. When will people again trust that the media will be telling the truth and not promoting propaganda? When will there be another anchor who inspires trust as Walter Cronkite did?
Don Sellers