Don’t take away business rights

To the Members of the Missouri General Assembly,
    In these final days of session, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry is calling on you to stand up against government overreach

It was wrong when the federal government attempted to dictate employer vaccination policies — and it would be just as wrong for state lawmakers to follow the Biden administration down this path of interfering with employer rights.
    This week we expect to see attempts to revoke the long-held employer ability to make decisions about workplace vaccination. Make no mistake, these proposals are anti-business and violate the principle of free enterprise. They are often aligned with trial attorney interests, seeking to open businesses to a flood of new lawsuits.
    This last week of session, please listen to the hundreds of business leaders from across Missouri who continue to speak out against these harmful proposals. No matter the issue, when government attempts to reach into business affairs, our position is simple and consistent — Let Business Decide.
    Please support Missouri’s business community. We ask you to vote down any measures aimed at taking rights away from Missouri’s job creators.
Daniel P. Mehan
President and CEO
Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry