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Written driver license tests resume at limited locations in Troop I beginning May 4

Captain Eddie A. Blaylock, commanding officer of Troop I, announces that the Patrol is providing written knowledge testing for all driver license applicants beginning May 4, 2020. The Patrol also will be administering commercial vehicle pre-trip, skills, and road tests. Only CDL road tests will be given. Currently, the written tests are limited to two specific locations within Troop I.

Businesses prepare to reopen as unemployment numbers climb

COVID-19 has left a historic number of Missourians unemployed and seeking to collect compensation. As more people need help, the news has been filled with stories of overwhelmed phone lines, unanswered claims and stressed Missourians.
As many businesses prepare to reopen Monday, state officials discussed the huge demand for unemployment benefits and the impact that going back to work could have on Missourians.

No additional state measures for employees who feel unsafe returning to work

BY IAN MCMANUS, Missouri  News Network
Gov. Mike Parson said Thursday that the state will leave safety oversight to individual businesses when they are allowed to reopen Monday.
Parson said during a news conference that the state would in many ways revert to normal operations as of Monday, with businesses and other institutions largely responsible for continuing social distancing and enforcing safe behavior.

Large state office buildings to reopen Monday

By ASHLYN O'HARA, Missouri News Network
Some major state office buildings will reopen to the public Monday under the first phase of Gov. Mike Parson’s “Show me Strong Recovery” Plan, according to Sarah Steelman, commissioner of the Missouri Office of Administration. Major state office buildings are defined as those with 300 or more staff.

Missourians who refuse to return to work without good cause when recalled will lose unemployment benefits, state announces

As businesses across Missouri consider how to phase reopening in accordance with guidance under the Show Me Strong Recovery Plan, workers should expect to be recalled to work by employers in the coming weeks starting May 4, 2020. Missourians who have been placed on a temporary layoff related to COVID-19 but refuse to return to work when recalled by their employer will lose unemployment benefits, except for certain circumstances including: