An uneventful turkey hunt, but a spectacular turkey

By Larry Dablemont
    I guess in most ways he was an easy gobbler. I can’t say there haven’t been many, many others that were more of a challenge. From his spurs it was apparent that he was old. But then so am I. On opening day I was too sleepy to get out of bed, so I didn’t hear him gobbling on the roost.

MDC says track summer birds near home for fun and learning

Songbirds are free to roam, and their travels take them beyond wild places to the trees, shrubs, and grasses they find in cities or near rural homes. The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) encourages people to get outside this summer and look for birds in their yards or neighborhood.

Maramec Spring Park reopens with restrictions

    Maramec Spring Park reopened on Monday, May 4, with some restrictions in place to help users maintain social distancing. Both the park and campground will be taking steps to keep visitors safe until state and local health officials deem it reasonable to return to regular business.