It is going to be a swap meet like no other you’ve ever seen

By Larry Dablemont
    If you are reading this column, you may not know who I am but I have been an outdoor writer for a long, long time and there are many newspapers using this weekly column of mine, often as many as 40 or 50. I write outdoor books and I publish a magazine known as the Lightnin’ Ridge Outdoor Journal. In early days I wrote hundreds of articles for outdoor magazines, including Outdoor Life, Field and Stream, Sports Afield and many others.

Citizens to continue keeping politics out of conservation

By Bill Cooper
    Attacks on the Missouri Department of Conservation by duly elected officials of the Missouri Legislature are an annual event, which costs Missouri taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars each year to fight the same schemes that are annually proposed by a couple of legislators.

Time to buy annual hunting and fishing permits

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reminds hunters and anglers that annual hunting and fishing permits expire at the end of February, including 2019 permits for small game, fishing, trout fishing, and combination hunting and fishing.

Preparations being made for upcoming trout season

By Bill Cooper
    Excitement is in the air as opening day of the 2020 Missouri trout season approaches for the four trout parks in the state. Montuak State Park, Bennett Spring Stage Park, Roaring River State Park, and the James Foundation’s Maramec Spring Park staffs are preparing for large crowds for opening day, which falls on Sunday, March 1 this year.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy a secret place in the woods

By Larry Dablemont
    As much as I love to hunt and fish, I was born a naturalist first and foremost, and I have made much of my living actually working as a paid naturalist for two state park systems, for the National Park Service, and for a natural heritage commission. I continue that even now.