MDC says peregrine falcon nest in Kansas City now viewable online

Peregrine falcons are once again tending nests in the Kansas City area, and the public can watch one pair tend eggs and raise young online. A web camera is aimed at a nest box atop the American Century Investments office building near the Country Club Plaza. Four other nests are active with nesting falcon pairs, said Joe Debold, urban wildlife biologist for the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC).

MDC reminds conservation area visitors to use physical distancing and follow area regulations

• Enjoy the outdoors but follow fishing regulations and be courteous to others
Trees are leafing out, morel mushrooms are emerging, and fish are active as nature’s dynamic spring patterns are unfolding. The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) encourages people to enjoy the outdoors, but MDC also encourages anglers, hikers, and hunters to observe COVID-19 physical distancing health precautions. Also, while fishing and turkey hunting seasons are open, the normal regulation and permit requirements apply.

It’s been a fouled-up spring

By Larry Dablemont
    I am very disappointed in this spring, up to this point. I recommend that the Great Creator dismiss whomever he put in charge of it! For one thing, this spring should have been one of the best mushroom-finding years ever and a series of nights well below 40 degrees about a week ago ruint things.