Dealing witih Missouri’s feral hogs and disappearing turkeys

By Larry Dablemont
    The feral hog problem has worked out well for the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) as far as financial benefits. I don’t know the exact amount, but they are being paid well by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for their efforts in feral hog removal.

Outdoor Vigilantes on Living the Dream Outdoors Radio

By Bill Cooper
    Outdoor Vigilantes team member, Kody Lucas, of Edgar Springs, joined Living the Dream Outdoor Radio hosts Darrell Hindman and Bill Cooper on the show recently to discuss their shared passions about the outdoors.

MDC requires landowner registration for free and discounted permits

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reminds Missouri resident and nonresident landowners who qualify to receive free or discounted deer and turkey hunting permits to register their properties in MDC’s new Landowner Permit Registry either online or by completing a paper application.

New outdoor magazine appeals to modern outdoorsmen

By Bill Cooper
    Hard copy outdoor media, i.e. outdoor publications, have fallen upon hard times as interest in hunting, fishing, and the traditional outdoor lifestyle have fallen steadily over the last several decades. Despite the gloom and doom attitude among today’s publishers of outdoor magazines, hope looms on the horizon with the introduction of a new outdoor magazine that is growing heavy appeal among modern day outdoorsmen. Hook and Barrel magazine, out of Little Elm, Texas, is a lifestyle publication dedicated to the modern outdoorsman.

Big birds are making a big comeback

By Larry Dablemont
    I am amazed at the great increase in the number of large-species birds. Back in the fall there were thousands of huge white pelicans in the Ozarks. Most likely there are 10 times as many pelicans today as there were 100 years ago. I could write a whole column about pelicans, a fascinating bird I have observed in both northwest Canada and the Gulf of Mexico, and in the Ozarks.