MDC sets migratory game bird and waterfowl hunting seasons

The Missouri Conservation Commission approved recommendations at its April 8 meeting from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) for upcoming 2020 migratory-game-bird-hunting seasons and 2020-2021 waterfowl-hunting seasons.

MDC announces Missouri’s first elk-hunting season coming this fall

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) announces it will offer Missourians the state’s first elk-hunting season in modern history starting this fall. At its April 8 meeting, the Missouri Conservation Commission approved the issuance of five permits for hunting bull elk for the 2020 season. Four general permits will be for the public and one permit will be reserved for qualifying area landowners.

It is 'Mushroom Week' in the Ozarks

By Larry Dablemont
    It is “Mushroom Week” here in my area of the Ozarks. I found the first ones on the second day of April, which is unusual because the average time of eruption over the years has been about 10 to14 days into the month. I have what I call an “indicator tree.” It is a big ash tree on my place where the very first mushrooms appear each spring, and over a two-week period in past years it has produced from 20 to 35 mushrooms.

Fish safely in face of COVID-19 pandemic

By Bill Cooper
    The COVID-19 Pandemic has touched every arena of our lives bringing the masses of our society virtually to a standstill. Extreme cautions have been taken by government and private entities to prevent the rapid spread of this deadly disease. Many have adapted ingenious ways to spend the newfound time on their hands in constructive and enjoyable ways.