Steelville News

Murder trial will continue in shooting death of Steelville man

    The woman and man implicated in the murder of Terry “T.J.” Barton were in court on Monday, September 13. Only one case was heard before the judge, but both suspects will move to the next level of the court system for further proceedings.

Steelville man faces charges in three drug cases

    A Steelville man has been charged in three separate drug cases that span the more than a year’s time. Following an investigation on August 17 where the man was allegedly found with methamphetamine, the Crawford County Prosecuting Attorney’s office filed charges on that incident, along with two others from 2020.

Steelville celebrates Harvest Festival 2021

    Harvest Festival 2021 featured a week of sunny, warm weather and all sorts of fun activities for all ages. The theme of the annual event, sponsored by the Steelville Area Chamber of Commerce, was “Star Spangled Salute” and patriotism was evident throughout the week. Photos of the festival events can be found in our special insert in this week’s edition.

Reynolds is crowned Harvest Festival queen

    Alisha Reynolds reigned over the Harvest Festival Queen Pageant when she won the crown at the competition held on Thursday, September 10. The pageant, sponsored by the Steelville Area Chamber of Commerce, was held at the Meramec Music Theatre. Emma Kreitner was named first runner-up and Paige Bean crowned second runner-up.

Steelville woman charged with assaulting cop

    The Steelville woman who allegedly drove her car at a police officer, causing him to have to shoot at her to stop her, now stands charged with the class A felony of assault in the first degree and could face 10 years to life in prison if she is found guilty of the crime.