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Steelville sees peaceful protest on Saturday - PHOTO GALLERY

    A small group of protestors gathered on the public parking lot next to the Dollar General Store in Steelville on Saturday. The group assembled quietly, spoke briefly, then walked to Main Street with their signs and American flags.

Mayor Beckham sets goals for the city

    Newly elected Mayor Terry Beckham called a special meeting on Monday to swear in new office holders following the June 2 election, make his appointments, and set goals. Beckham shared a list of eight items he wants to address and resolve in the city. He said, “I’ve always been frustrated when we talk about things and it never happens.”

Beckham is next Steelville mayor

    At the municipal election for 2020, held on Tuesday, June 2, Steelville voters selected a new mayor, aldermen, and school board members, in addition to approving a tax proposal from the Steelville Fire Protection District. Crawford County voters also selected a board member for the 911 board.