Steelville News

Five compete for two seats on city council

Five candidates have filed for two open seats as aldermen for the Steelville City Council. One seat in each ward will be filled at the June election. Each candidate was given the opportunity to write their own profile in order to present themselves to our readers and discuss their opinions on any issues they felt were important to the voting public.

Council members argue over releasing ‘embarrassing’ information

    An investigation initiated by the Steelville Star in February into why the city of Steelville had not published required financial statements was revisited by the city council in April and May. At least one council member felt the news reports reflected unfairly on the city’s comptroller and conducted further research on the issues. After obtaining more information, Alderman Terry Beckham questioned Alderwoman Amanda Sherrill’s decision to release information to the press that was “embarrassing” to the city.