Small business owners don’t see quick recovery

    Small business owners in Missouri—at least the ones who responded to a recent survey from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)—don’t see a quick economic recovery as we all work to get through the coronavirus pandemic. We can only hope their opinion isn’t fact.
    Here are the key findings from Missouri’s recent survey of NFIB members:

Legislative successes, losses and several missed opportunities

By Phill Brooks
    I had expected limited production from Missouri's 2020 annual session because of the several weeks lost from the extended spring break to avoid COVID-19 exposure. Indeed, the General Assembly passed just 48 measures—far fewer than in at least one-third of a century.

Remember our heroes

Submitted by The American Legion National Headquarters
    Every crisis has new heroes. During the 9/11 attacks, they were the first responders running into burning and crumbling buildings as others ran out.  Now, during the Coronavirus pandemic, the most visible heroes are the health care professionals, who are saving others and risking their own lives while doing so.

Wearing a mask is the best way to get back to ‘normal’

    With key state and federal elections looming in November, one would think our elected officials might want to take steps to make sure their economic reopening plans are not derailed by a second wave of coronavirus outbreaks returning us to lockdown status. Wearing masks in public would do much to reduce the odds of that happening.