MBSH Wound Care Center raises awareness about impact of heart health on wound healing

    An alarming 33 percent of Americans currently suffer from cardiovascular disease. Throughout Heart Health Awareness Month, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Wound Care Center, a member of the Healogics network, is working to spread awareness about how cardiovascular diseases can affect the wound healing process.

Kaufman celebrated for 65 years with Ford

    Harold Kaufman has been recognized by the Ford Motor Company for his dedicated work for the company for 65 years. Kaufman has worked for over six decades as a Certified Technician and was honored in December for his service.

Local grant will bring misting stations to Bourbon park

    Thanks to a $5,000 grant from Impact 100 Crawford County, residents in Bourbon will be enjoying a pair of new misting stations in the city park this summer. The project is just part of a long list of improvements made by the city’s Park Board in recent years.

Fine Linen to receive NAP grant to purchase house

The Department of Economic Development announced Wednesday that it would award $7.3 million through its Neighborhood Assistance Program to nonprofits across Missouri, including one in Rolla, for community development projects.

Preparations being made for upcoming trout season

By Bill Cooper
    Excitement is in the air as opening day of the 2020 Missouri trout season approaches for the four trout parks in the state. Montuak State Park, Bennett Spring Stage Park, Roaring River State Park, and the James Foundation’s Maramec Spring Park staffs are preparing for large crowds for opening day, which falls on Sunday, March 1 this year.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy a secret place in the woods

By Larry Dablemont
    As much as I love to hunt and fish, I was born a naturalist first and foremost, and I have made much of my living actually working as a paid naturalist for two state park systems, for the National Park Service, and for a natural heritage commission. I continue that even now.