Limited, one-time funding eases adulthood challenges for current and former older youth in foster care

Older youth in foster care and former youth in foster care under age 27 may be eligible for one-time funding of up to $12,000 through the Education & Training Voucher (ETV) Program, or up to $2,000 in COVID-19 relief funds for education, employment, housing, transportation, life skills, or other services.

Medical Stabilization team at MBSH provides care to support acute withdrawal symptoms

    Did you know nearly 21 million Americans have at least one addiction? Yet only 10 percent of them receive treatment. From alcohol and cocaine to opioids and other prescription medications, addiction kills thousands of Americans every year and impacts millions of lives. Fortunately, there is hope with professional treatment.

District rolls out new online processing app

    The St. James School District is unrolling a new phone application which will allow for online payments for school fees and more. The district has joined with Titan Family Connect and parents can sign up for the application now.