Annie’s Project offered in Potosi

By Rachel Hopkins, Ag Business Specialist
    Farm women are generating a cultural tide in American agriculture that is moving management, assets and opportunities to a new wave of farmers across the country. At Annie’s Project, farm women become empowered to be better business partners or sole operators through networks and by managing and organizing critical information.

Tai Chi for arthritis and health classes offered

    MU Extension offers Tai Chi for Arthritis and Health classes online for the first time in Crawford and Dent Counties. Tai Chi instruction has been offered face to face in our region for the past year. To reach more of the public and follow COVID-19 health precautions the class will be converted to a live online instructor format using the video meeting platform Zoom in its next class on June 29th. Nutrition and Health Specialist Rachel Buenemann leads the sessions and reports they are a great opportunity to build muscular strength as well as increase mental focus and social connection.

ECC sees increase in number of spring graduates

    East Central College conferred 342 degrees and certificates to spring semester graduates, an increase of nearly 12 percent over last year.
    ECC President Dr. Jon Bauer said there were 306 graduates in the 2019 spring semester, and this year’s total is an increase of 11.7 percent.
    “This is exciting news that is consistent with our five-year strategic plan,” he said.