Crawford County News

COVID-19 sharp rise calls for community response, local health officials say

• Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital, Crawford County Health Department, and Franklin County Health Department Join Forces to Increase Awareness and Decrease Spread of Illness

    As confirmed cases of COVID-19 continue to increase rapidly in our area, leaders at Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital, the Crawford County Health Department and the Franklin County Health Department are asking for the community's support in helping to slow community spread of this virus.

Numerous felony charges filed by prosecuting attorney

    Friend S. Burwell, IV, 46, of St. James, stands charged with class E felony operation of a vehicle on a highway without a valid license (third and subsequent offense). The charges are a resulf of a traffic stop conducted by a Cuba police officer on July 27.

COVID cases continue to climb

    Positive COVID-19 cases in Crawford County are nearing the 200 mark, according to numbers released by the Crawford County Health Department on Monday. In the past week alone the county has reported more than 50 new cases.

Damage claims frustrate commissioners

    At their August 25 meeting, Crawford County Commissioners discussed a recurring issue with citizens who want payment from the county for alleged damages sustained to vehicles driving through maintenance zones.

Illegal parking leads to felony charges

    A man found asleep at the wheel and parked in the roadway at a Crawford County intersection stands charged with a handful of crimes as a result of the incident.