Crawford County News

Commission hears proposal to locate coroner’s office in Cuba

Current Assistant Coroner Darren Dake approached Crawford County Commissioners at their October 8 meeting to discuss plans for a new coroner’s facility. The commission has been researching the issue in preparation for the retirement of current Coroner Paul Hutson, who has been in the position for many years and utilized his private business – a funeral home – to assist the county with needed facilities for the coroner. Hutson has expressed his intent not to run again for the elected position, and that will leave the county without the necessary place to house the coroner’s office.

Book features 50 years of research and memories on forest lookouts

A first book offering by a Missouri-born author is the work of a man who spent more than 50 years pursuing his forest lookout tower hobby. Throughout that time, he collected information, pictures, and stories about these lookouts. A few years ago, he was urged to convert his boxes of materials into a book and to not let his memories and wealth of information be lost. The result of that work is “Remembering Missouri’s Lookout Towers – A Place above the Trees” by Bob Frakes.

Concerned resident questions camping on county roads

South Crawford County resident Ron Bishop is concerned about safety on an intersection of two county roads in the Mark Twain National Forest near his home. He approached county commissioners at their October 1 meeting to find out if there was anything to be done about the situation.