Ambulance and fire districts deserve a part of federal funds

    Emergency responders in the southern half of Crawford County have a legitimate complaint about the distribution of payments from the federal government, or lack thereof, the county receives each year. And the county, it seems, made their case even stronger last year when they got voter approval for a new sales tax that included the elimination of county property taxes.

Extreme rain and flooding will affect food prices

By Blake Hurst
    Back in March, when the first round of flooding occurred in Nebraska, Iowa, and Northwest Missouri, a reporter asked me if consumers would see an increase in food prices. I replied that while the situation was a tragedy for the local area and a huge inconvenience and expense because of the loss of highways and railroads, the flood would have little effect in grocery stores.

Midwest workers, farmers and ranchers need USMCA

Submitted by the Missouri Director of Agriculture in partnership with the Nebraska Director of Agriculture and the Iowa Secretary of Agriculture
    Disastrous flooding. Lower commodity prices. Limited access to global markets. America’s farmers and ranchers have faced difficult times the last few years, and they are in need of a dose of good news that is within immediate reach.