Missourians should continue to lead in fight against WOTUS

By Eric Bohl
    One of the most egregiously-overreaching regulations of the Obama era is nearing its end. Until April 15, President Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is taking public comments on its proposed replacement for the notorious Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Rule. Missourians need to be loud and clear in telling the EPA to ditch the WOTUS Rule and replace it with the new Clean Water Rule.

Full-time Phelps

By Phill Brooks
    This spring Missouri lost a man who played a leading role in changing the powers of the lieutenant governor. Bill Phelps who died in March, got the nickname "full time" because the central theme of his 1972 campaign for lieutenant governor was to work full time.

Flooding proves need for more protection

By Eric Bohl
    For as long as man has been measuring the Missouri River, the stretch flowing through northwest Missouri has never been this high. The third week of March, farmers watched helplessly as their homes, land, buildings and stored crops went under water. With very little warning, the river went from normal levels to breaking all-time records.

Another weak year predicted for farm economy

By Eric Bohl
    A new U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) analysis projects 2019 net farm income will again be well below normal. This broad measure of farm profitability has disappointed farmers for at least the past five years. Despite the continued downturn, Missouri farmers have glimmers of hope on the horizon.