Letters to the Editor

Tale of two kingdoms

Love, Truth, Self-Denial
    If you love Me keep my commandments. Honor your parents and all lawful authority and love your neighbor as yourself. Male and female I made you; be fruitful and multiply.

Here for our patients

To Our Patients and Community:
    The partnership between physicians and their patients is one built on confidence, mutual respect and honesty. When patients find physicians they value, these relationships are significant and often last a lifetime.

Modern day fake news

    It should come as no surprise that history is replete with examples of fake news but the question is why would a person or group of people want to create a false series of ideas to confuse a society. The following will illustrate this problem and why it has long been part of the history of nations.

Our roads really suck

    I have to agree with Mr. Gary Hoover’s letter about the condition of the rural roads in Crawford County. I live off Saddle Club Road, west of Cuba and the potholes remind me of those you see on TV about St. Louis. You can really hurt your car and cost many dollars in repairs because those potholes are so big.