St. James News

City to provide help with utility bills

    The city of St. James will be offering assistance for municipal utility customers struggling to pay their utility bills. Late fees and disconnections were waived for the past two months, but will begin again in May. The city, however, will be working with citizens to help them get current on their bills.

City-wide cleanup to be held next week

St. James Sanitation Department will be conducting a spring city-wide cleanup May 11-15, providing additional pickup for items not normally accepted by the department. Routes will be picked up on normally scheduled days and moving from ward to ward, but will be a great opportunity for city residents to get rid of furniture, limbs, and debris.

City begins reopening

    With Governor Mike Parson’s Show Me Strong Recovery Plan beginning, the city of St. James is beginning to see a return of some local businesses and less restrictions gatherings. Summer activity planning is also starting to take shape, including how to allow for opportunities such as summer sports and other activities.

St. James seniors reflect on end of school year

    Many have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but none as uniquely so as high school seniors, who had their final days of school upended as schools closed for the year. Students missed sporting activities, events such as graduation and prom postponed, and some senior activities cancelled completely.